Can you work with an A1 visa?

What does A1 Visa mean?

A-1. The A-1 visa is for foreign dignitaries representing their country and conducting official business on behalf of the home country in the United States, including heads of state, ministers, cabinet members, delegates from the European Union and African Union, ambassadors, and consuls.

What is the difference between A1 and A2 visa?

Difference Between an A1 Visa and an A2 Visa

An A1 visa is given to ministers, diplomats, consular officers, ambassadors, and the immediate family members that they have. … An A2 visa can only be granted to accredited officials who are representing the national government traveling to the States.

Who gets A1 visa?

Diplomats and Officials Requiring A-1 Visas – Examples:

Official coming to serve at a foreign embassy or consulate in the United States, such as an ambassador or consul. Government minister or cabinet member coming for official activities. European Union (EU) and African Union (AU) delegation representatives.

Can A1 visa holders study?

Also, A-1 visa holders cannot enroll in study or academic programs, since it does not give them time to focus on their primary purpose of visit.

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Can A1 visa holders apply for green card?

To become a permanent resident of the U.S., the visa holder must relinquish their status as a diplomat. … After the completion of this process, A-1 visa holders are eligible to apply for a Green Card by way of marriage, investment or evidence that it is dangerous for them to return to their country.

Can you work on an A2 visa?

Principal A-1/A-2 visa holder may be employed only by a foreign government entity. … May not engage in any employment in the U.S. including salaried work or services performed on an independent basis.

Can an A2 visa holder apply for green card?

Foreign government representatives with diplomatic or semi-diplomatic duties (A1, A2, G-1, or G-2 visa holders) may qualify for a special type of green card (Section 13) if they have failed to maintain diplomatic status, cannot return to their home country due to “compelling reasons, ” or are otherwise permitted to …

How do you get an A-1 visa?

To qualify for an A-1 or A-2 visa,you must be traveling to the United States on behalf of your national government to engage solely in official activities for that government.

Who qualifies for diplomatic passport?

The categories include specific positions in the Presidency, the national legislative and executive political office bearers, members of the judiciary and divisions as well as of the specialist courts, provincial and local government representatives, South African diplomatic personnel, public service officials on …

What do diplomats do?

Diplomats represent UK interests overseas. They’re based in London and at embassies, consulates and high commissions around the world. While the tasks you undertake will change according to your specific department, your responsibilities may include: … researching and analysing events overseas and their impact on the UK.

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Do diplomats need passports?

This is a global directive sent out by DoD. Official/diplomatic (no-fee) passports are issued to officials or employees of the U.S. Government (and their dependents) traveling abroad on official duties. Official/diplomatic passports are normally issued by the Special Issuance Agency in Washington, D.C.

Can an ambassador issue a visa?

The A-1 visa is granted to ambassadors, ministers, diplomats, consular officers, and their immediate family members. … Visitors on an A-1 visa cannot be tried under US law for a crime, and may travel to and from the country an unlimited number of times.