Does Canada have a large tourism industry?

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Is tourism a big industry in Canada?

Canada’s tourism sector is an essential contributor to the Canadian economy. In 2019, tourism was Canada’s number one service export, totaling 3% of total exports, generating $104 billion in revenue, and accounting for 1.8 million total jobs in Canada.

What rank is Canada in tourism?


Rank Destination International tourist arrivals (2019)
1 United States 79.3 million
2 Mexico 45.0 million
3 Canada 22.1 million
4 Argentina 7.4 million

How many Canadians are employed in the tourism industry?


Seasonally adjusted
Canada (map)
Tourism activities 371.4 470.8
Total tourism industries 288.6 368.3

How many Canadians work in the tourism industry?

The 2019 Tourism Human Resouce Module counted 1.9 million full-year jobs in the tourism sector—that’s 10% of all full-year jobs in Canada. There were 748,000 jobs in Canada directly attributable to spending by tourists.

Which country has the biggest tourism industry?

Countries with the highest tourism income 2019

That year, the U.S. topped the ranking by generating about 214.1 billion U.S. dollars in international tourism receipts. Following by a huge margin, Spain came in second with 79.7 billion U.S. dollars.

Which country has the largest tourism industry?

United Nations World Tourism Organization released a list showing the most beloved countries of the world.

  1. France — 89.4 Million Visitors.
  2. Spain — 82.7 Million Visitors. …
  3. United States — 79.6 Million Visitors. …
  4. China — 62.9 Million Visitors. …
  5. Italy — 62.1 Million Visitors. …
  6. Turkey — 45.7 Million Visitors. …
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Is tourism important to Canada?

1 Introduction. Canada’s tourism industry is an important contributor to Canadian economic growth. This industry – which comprises hospitality and travel services to and from Canada – is a multi-billion-dollar business that employs hundreds of thousands of Canadians.

Who is in charge of tourism in Canada?

The Honourable Mélanie Joly MP –