Frequent question: What word origin is tourism?

What word is tourism?

noun. the activity or practice of touring, especially for pleasure. the business or industry of providing information, accommodations, transportation, and other services to tourists. the promotion of tourist travel, especially for commercial purposes.

When was the word tourism first used?

It is believed that the word tour in the context of tourism became established in the English language by the eighteen century. On the other hand, according to oxford dictionary, the word tourism first came to light in the English in the nineteen century (1811) from a Greek word ‘tomus’ meaning a round shaped tool.

What is the meaning of the Greek word tornos?

In essence, the word tornos (= circle, circumference) is the father of the global concept of tourism, initiating the root “tour” ˈtu̇r and ˈtau̇(-ə)r which has come to signify “a journey through the different parts of a country, region”, or “an activity in which you go through a place (such as a building or city) in …

What is outbound international tourism?

Outbound tourism is the act of travelling ‘out’ of your home country for the purposes of tourism. … This is because a tourist who is travelling internationally is both an outbound tourist (because they travel OUT of their home country) and an inbound tourist (because they travel IN to another country).

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What are 3 types of tourism?

Forms of tourism: There are three basic forms of tourism: domestic tourism, inbound tourism, and outbound tourism. These can be combined in various ways to derive the following additional forms of tourism: internal tourism, national tourism and international tourism.

What is history of tourism?

Tourism can be recognized as long as people have travelled; the narrative of Marco Polo in the 13th century; the “grand tour” of the British aristocracy to Europe in the 18th century; and the journeys of David Livingstone through Africa in the 19th century are all examples of early tourism.

What is the history of travel and tourism?

We can trace the origin of the modern concept of tourism back to the 17th century, when young nobles from western and northern European countries made what was called the Grand Tour: a trip around Europe (usually covering France, Germany, Italy and Greece) with the main purpose of soaking up history, art and cultural …

Is tourism a verb or noun?

the act of travelling or sightseeing, particularly away from one’s home.

What is the introduction of tourism?

Introduction. Tourism is travel for pleasure; also the theory and practice of touring, the business of attracting, accommodating, and entertaining tourists, and the business of operating tours. Tourism may be international, or within the traveler’s country.