How is Globus Tours rated?

Is Trafalgar a good company?

Reputation. You’ll be travelling with the most-awarded travel brand in the world, esteemed by travel authorities and trusted by life-long customers. Since 1947, Trafalgar has been an industry leader, known for its knowledgeable guides, immersive itineraries, comfortable stays, and modern coaches.

Can kids go on Globus Tours?

In our many years of traveling experience, we have found that children under the age of eight typically are too young to fully enjoy an escorted or cruise vacation. … On Globus Family Vacations we accept children from the age of 5. The above discounts do not apply to any intra-tour flights.

Who are Globus?

Group Voyagers, Inc. Group Voyagers, Inc. – also known as the “Globus family of brands” is a group of escorted tour, river cruise and independent travel package companies marketed worldwide. They include the brands Globus, Cosmos, Avalon Waterways and Monograms.

What age group are Trafalgar Tours?

Trafalgar tours are suitable for all ages. The average age is 40+. Insight tours cater for all ages. The average age is 55+.

What’s the average age on a Trafalgar tour?

The average age on a number of our panorama tours is early 40s. There’s a Cosmos panorama that has an average age of 39. So it’s interesting that these people are finding that that’s a good way to travel.

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Are kids allowed on Trafalgar Tours?

With kid-friendly accommodation, meals and transport included on our family vacations, you can easily stick to your budget and focus on having fun. We also include all the must-do experiences, and let you know all the optional experiences before your family tour, so you won’t be hit with any surprise costs.