How much do Chinese tourists spend in NZ?

How much does the average tourist spend in NZ?

International visitors spend $232 a day, Kiwis travelling around the country spend $155 a day while those residents staying local spend $74 a day.

How much do international tourists spend in NZ?

International tourism expenditure increased 2.2 percent ($371 million) to $17.5 billion, and contributed 20.1 percent to New Zealand’s total exports of goods and services.

How much money do Chinese tourists bring to Australia?

In the 2020 financial year, residents from China spent approximately 2.4 billion Australian dollars on food, drink and accommodation when visiting Australia. This was around one billion Australian dollars less than the previous year.

Why do Chinese tourists spend the most?

China’s leading position in spending can obviously be attributed to its massive population but factors such as the emergence of a newly rich Chinese middle class, easing travel restrictions by the authorities, simplified destination visas and more direct flights to premier destinations have also played a key role.

What percent of NZ economy is tourism?

According to Tourism Industry Aotearoa, it is the country’s biggest export industry, making up about 20% of total exports. Tourism spend makes up a large chunk of the country’s overall economy, accounting for more than 5% of GDP, and directly or indirectly employing 13.6% of the national workforce.

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How much do Australian tourists spend in NZ?

Australian visitors contributed 1.5M (40%) arrivals annually and spent $2.7b in 2019. 71% of Australians opted for self-drive holidays in New Zealand.

What do Chinese tourists want in New Zealand?

Dining (55 per cent), sightseeing (53 per cent) and rest and relaxation activities (41 per cent) took out the top spots for daily expenditure by Chinese travellers.

Can Chinese visit New Zealand?

Yes. Chinese citizens need a Consular Tourist Visa, at least for now. Chinese citizens can stay up to 9 months in New Zealand with a visitor visa. The fastest and easiest way to apply for a visitor visa is online.