How much does the Paramount studio tour cost?

Is the Paramount studio tour worth it?

Is the Paramount Studio Tour Worth Your Time? On its best days, the Paramount Tour is brilliant. It’s a working studio, and that’s a good thing in general if you really want to go behind the scenes of film production. But what you’ll see is unpredictable.

What is included in Paramount Studio Tour?

On this 2-hour tour you’ll discover Hollywood’s first major movie studio led by an engaging Studio Page, visiting iconic locations like the Bronson Gate, New York Street Backlot, and the Prop Warehouse. Each step of the way, you will learn how Paramount’s 105-year legacy influenced Hollywood and the world at large.

Is the Studio Tour at Universal Studios free?

Yes, the Studio Tour is one of the “rides” you get for free with admission.

Do you tip studio tour guides?

The guides absolutely can and will accept tips and they don’t make much more than minimum wage without it. … I felt $20.00 per person was a fair tip considering that is less than 10% of the cost of the ticket.

Can you tour MGM studios?

Columbia and MGM history is of course mentioned, but there’s so much to get through, a 2 hour tour can barely scratch the surface. Where possible, guests are taken into the studios where game shows Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy! are taped, along with at least one other soundstage visit.

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How much does a VIP pass cost at Universal Studios?

The VIP Experience is the most exclusive way for someone who’s not related to Steven Spielberg, to go behind the scenes at the world’s largest movie studio and theme park. It’s the ultimate way to visit Universal Studios Hollywood but it’s not cheap … it costs $299 per person.

Can you visit Nickelodeon Studios in LA?

You can book your tickets online. Paramount’s two-hour studio tour costs $45 and takes you around the facility where “Glee” and Nickelodeon’s “Big Time Rush” shoot. There’s no online booking; you’ll have to call 323-956-1777 to reserve a date and time.