How much is Egypt working visa from Nigeria?

How much is working visa in Egypt?

CAIRO – 12 May 2017: The fee of foreigners’ work permits in Egypt will range from 5,000-30,000 EGP, rather than a maximum of 50,000 EGP as earlier proposed by the government, parliament’s Manpower Committee said on Friday.

How do I get a work visa for Egypt?

Requirements to Obtain a Work Visa in Egypt

  1. A completed application from the Ministry of Manpower and Training Facilities at the Tahrir complex.
  2. A valid passport.
  3. Seven passport-size photos.
  4. Two copies of your company’s incorporation contract.
  5. Two copies of the employee’s tax ID card.

Do you need a work permit to work in Egypt?

Egypt’s growing economy makes it a popular country for skilled workers seeking jobs overseas. There are a number of business opportunities available for expats. To be able to work in the country, expats need a valid work visa for Egypt.

Is it easy to get a job in Egypt?

Job Hunting in Egypt

In general foreigners do receive better pay than locals, though. Job hunting from abroad is always difficult, however with the help of the internet, finding a job in Egypt isn’t impossible even if you lack extensive experience.

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What is the cost of living in Egypt?

Family of four estimated monthly costs are 1,353$ (21,244EG£) without rent. A single person estimated monthly costs are 380$ (5,967EG£) without rent. Cost of living in Egypt is, on average, 58.35% lower than in United States. Rent in Egypt is, on average, 86.27% lower than in United States.

What is the highest paying job in Egypt?

Top 10 Best Paying Careers in Egypt

  • Surgeons / Doctors. Salary Range: from 18,500 EGP to 51,700 EGP. …
  • Judges. Salary Range: from 15,500 EGP to 43,400 EG. …
  • Lawyers. …
  • Bank Managers. …
  • Chief Executive Officers. …
  • Chief Financial Officers. …
  • Orthodontists. …
  • University Lecturers.

Is Egypt a good place to work?

Egypt. A spectacularly picturesque country filled with cultural gems. It’s got it all: towering pyramids, panoramic beaches, exciting local culture and fantastic teaching opportunities. It’s an ideal location for experienced educators to move to, to kickstart a whole new career direction.

What is the most common job in Egypt?

The vast majority of Egyptians work in agriculture or the informal economy, but others work in manufacturing, social services, the government sector, tourism and other industries.

What is your eligibility to work in Egypt?

A residence permit is needed to live and work in Egypt legally, it is a document that shows that a foreign national may live for a specific amount of time in the country anywhere from one year and up to five years.

Can foreigners work in Egypt?

The new decree states that foreigners may work in Egypt, only if: The foreigner is legally authorized to stay in Egypt for the purpose of work; and. Has a work permit obtained from the Ministry of Manpower or its affiliated offices.

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How do I get residency in Egypt?

Getting Residency In Egypt.

  1. Completed Application.
  2. A Valid Passport.
  3. Seven Passport Sized Photographs.
  4. Two copies of your contract.
  5. Two copies of your Tax ID card.
  6. Two Education based certificates, college degree, high school, etc.
  7. Copy of the commercial register of your employer.