How much money does tourism bring to New Orleans?

How much does New Orleans make from tourism?

As Louisiana ranks as one of states worst hit by the delta variant, it is clear that in New Orleans the pandemic will not end soon. New Orleans’ economy relies on tourism. In 2019, before the pandemic, the more than 19 million visitors to the city spent $10.05 billion, according to the tourism board New Orleans & Co.

How important is tourism to New Orleans?

In 2018, New Orleans welcomed 18.51 million visitors, a 4.29 percent increase in visitors compared to the previous year. … As evidenced by the numbers, our tourism industry continues to drive the economy of greater New Orleans, create jobs for our citizens and enhance the quality of life for all New Orleanians.”

How much does Louisiana make from tourism?

Visitors generated $10.6 billion in state GDP (value added) in 2018 including indirect and induced benefits—4.2% of the Louisiana economy.

Which state spends the most on tourism?

The state of California still accounted for the largest share (31.5%) of total international marketing budget.

Change in Total Tourism Budgets Over 12 Years.

Fiscal Year Average Budget
2011-12 $14.2 M
2012-13p $14.9 M

How many people work in the tourism industry in New Orleans?

According to Harvard’s definition, the “Hospitality and Tourism” cluster is a tourist-serving cluster with 15,458 jobs in New Orleans in 2017.

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How does Louisiana’s government benefit from tourism?

A total of 185,389 jobs, with income of $5.7 billion, were sustained by the visitor economy in Louisiana in 2016. Visitor-supported employment represents nearly 7% of all employment in the state of Louisiana (1-in-14 jobs). generated $1.7 billion in state and local taxes and $1.3 billion in Federal taxes in 2016.