Question: Can government officer marry foreigner?

Can a government employee marry a foreign?

Div.’s Notification No. S.R. 0 497 (1)/81, dated 27-5-1981. A government servant, may with the prior permission of the Federal Government marry or promise to marry a [foreign national of any country recognized by Federal Government].

Can Indian Air Force officer marry foreigner?

The verdict is a major milestone because officers of the Indian Armed Forces cannot marry foreign nationals easily.

Can a diplomat marry a foreigner?

“With the approval to the Public Servant (marriage with foreign national) (amendments) Ordinance 2008, the Foreign Service officers can now marry foreign nationals with the permission of the President,” a Cabinet division spokesman said.

Can a foreigner be an IAS officer?

Nationality: The Wikipedia clearly states that the one having Indian passport would be eligible to give exam of the civil services. For the post of IAS, IPS and IFS: These designations are strictly reserved for the Indian citizens. However, the non-Indian with the eligibility certificate can appear in the same exam.

Can a Pakistani army officer marry a foreign?

Marriage with foreign nationals prohibited :-

marries or promises to marry a foreign national shall be guilty of misconduct and render himself liable to any of the major penalties under the Government Servants (Efficiency and Discipline) Rules, 1973.

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Can a government employee marry a foreigner in Pakistan?


1981, as published in the Gazette of Pakistan (Extra- ordinary) dated 27.5. 1981, vide SRO-497(i)/81, that no Government servant is allowed to marry a foreign national, except a Muslim citizen of India with prior permission of the Government.

Can Indian Army officers go abroad?

New Delhi: The Indian military has banned all non-essential foreign travel for its personnel as part of precautionary measures amid the global coronavirus outbreak. Defence sources told ThePrint that an order to this effect has been issued for all three Services – Army, Air Force and Navy.

Can two army officers get married in India?

There are no laws governing military marriage. Military members can marry whomever they want, including same-sex partners.

Can two IAS officers stay together?

According to DoPT rules, inter-cadre transfers of officers of the All India Services are permitted on account of marriage. Until three years ago, two officers who chose to get married to each other would be given a common cadre that wasn’t the home cadre of either.

What is the salary of an IFS officer?

The overall IFS salary is around 60,000 per month, including all the benefits and allowances. But this salary differs based on the candidate posting, i.e. if the selected candidate got his/her posting in foreign countries then he/she may receive a salary of 2.40 lakhs under the special foreign allowance.