What happens at a virtual college tour?

What do you do on a virtual college tour?

On a virtual campus tour you can return multiple times to campus for free and you’ll get a better sense of how large the campus is; you’ll be able to visit multiple different dorm rooms; and you’ll get a sense of the classrooms, lecture halls, labs, and other important facilities like the fitness center, library, and …

What should I expect at a virtual college visit?

Through a virtual visit, you can not only see the different parts of campus and its academic and recreational facilities, you can also learn from a virtual tour guide — usually a current student — about what makes each of the resources unique, and why their school might be the one for you.

What is an online college tour like?

Colleges and students alike are now trying to adapt to a new normal: virtual tours have replaced in-person ones, information sessions are held over Zoom, and students will likely have to make difficult choices about the next four years of their educations without ever setting foot on a campus or meeting a …

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Are virtual college tours worth it?

“But virtual tours are so quick and convenient. We find that students really appreciate them as a good ‘first look’ at schools they are interested in.” It’s also easier for people to bring a parent, older sibling or other advisor along on a virtual tour because it doesn’t require them to take time off work.

How do I get the most out of my virtual college visit?

To make the most out of your virtual visit, dig deeper. Ask for stories, ask about the campus vibe, ask about favorite spots on campus and lesser-known traditions and newer majors, ask what students do in the summertime and on weekends—things you can’t as easily find online.

Do colleges keep track of virtual visits?

Colleges do understand that, of course, and will look at your “virtual” visits, via social media, email, and local open houses.

Can you walk around USC?

USC offers a variety of tours to acquaint you with diverse aspects of the campus and the university. Our Admission Center Tours introduce you to campus via a guided walk, or you are welcome to explore on your own with the help of our self-guided tours.

What do you wear to a virtual information session?

Generally speaking, you should wear professional attire (what you would wear to an interview) to information sessions. This is an opportunity to meet and make an impression on an employer. You want that impression to be a positive one.

Is USC open to walk around?

Tour Policies

We welcome visitors of all ages to tour the University Park Campus of USC.

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How long do virtual college tours last?

The online webinar will last approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes. To sign up for a live virtual campus tour, please select your preferred tour date.

How do you make a virtual college tour?

Best Practices for Virtual Campus Tours

  1. Embrace different types of media. Integrating the use of images, videos and 360º tours gives your virtual campus map the best chance at communicating well to any type of audience. …
  2. Incorporate trivia and anecdotes. …
  3. Include your campus surroundings.