What is a good score on the foreign service exam?

How hard is it to pass the Foreign Service exam?

The FSOT is a very challenging exam with a low pass-rate (hovering between just 30% and 50% of test takers). So you should not underestimate the need to study for this test. … In addition to a great overview of all the subjects, it provides a straightforward and highly-effective plan for using your study time well.

How is the FSOT test scored?

The score required to pass the test can shift slightly from year to year due to the way that scores are calculated. However, you usually need a minimum cumulative score for the three multiple-choice sections of 154. Then, you need at least a 6 out of a possible 12 points on the written essay.

What is a good FSOT score Reddit?

tl;dr: Overall percentile for cumulative FSOT scores at or around 150 will be the mean of your component percentiles (150 is the 50th percentile). Cumulative FSOT scores farther from 150 will be greater than the mean of your components (if above 150) or less than the mean of your components (if below 150).

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How long does it take to get FSOT results?

FSOT scores are normally known around three weeks from the close of the testing window. Personal Narrative Questions (PNQs) have around a month turnaround on review.

How much does an entry level Foreign Service officer make?

THE base salary for entry-level Foreign Service officers ranges from about $40,000 to $72,000 annually, but compensation can increase depending on the danger level of the posting and on a region’s cost of living.

Does FSOT score matter?

Though the Oral Assessments are the only scores on the register, a higher passing score on the FSOT can help get past the QEP.

Is it hard to be a Foreign Service Officer?

The search for extraordinary U.S. citizens to serve as Foreign Service Officers is intense and the qualifying process is rigorous, demanding and highly competitive. If you are interested in becoming a Foreign Service Officer (FSO), you must first register for and take the Foreign Service Officer Test (FSOT).

What should I study for the Foreign Service exam?

You can be sure the written exam will ask you about geography, political structures, and modern world conflicts. Make a habit of reading The Economist, The New York Times, Foreign Policy, and other renowned current events periodicals.

How much money do foreign service officers make?

How does the salary as a Foreign Service Officer at U.S. Department of State compare with the base salary range for this job? The average salary for a Foreign Service Officer is $109,330 per year in United States, which is 1% lower than the average U.S. Department of State salary of $111,244 per year for this job.

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What percentage of people pass the Foreign Service exam?

The Foreign Service exam pass rate is a dismal 20%. That means that 4 out of every 5 are destined to fail in their first step to becoming an FSO.

How do you pass the situational Judgement in FSOT?

What is the Situational Judgement section?

  1. Accept all the edits and say nothing to your supervisor.
  2. Ask to speak to your supervisor to understand the reasons for the edits.
  3. Accept only the edits you agree with and send the document to Washington.
  4. Ask your supervisor to explain how you can improve your writing skills.

What is QEP Foreign Service?

The Foreign Service selection process, including the Foreign Service Officer Test (FSOT), the Qualifications Evaluation Panel (QEP), and the Foreign Service Oral Assessment (FSOA), is an employment selection tool used by the Department of State to identify the most qualified candidates for Foreign Service positions.