What is a Redfin tour?

Do Redfin agents get paid for tours?

flexible work schedule

It’s a great opportunity for new real estate agents to start earning money right away and meet face to face with customers.

Does touring a property obligate me to work with Redfin?

Does touring a property obligate me to work with Redfin? Not at all. But we do consider you our customer once you tour with us, so after several home tours, a Redfin Agent may reach out to make sure you want to work with us to buy a home.

Why would a buyer use Redfin?

Advantages of Redfin

The number one advantage of Redfin is in cost savings. The standard brokerage commission on a home sale is 6%, with 3% going to the buyer’s agent and 3% going to the seller’s agent. When you buy with Redfin, they get their 3% Buyers’ Agent commission and splits a portion of that with you.

Is it hard to get hired by Redfin?

Yes, if you are part of the clique. No if not. Many of their staff do not have alot of experience or educational background….

Is it worth working for Redfin?

Work is stable, benefits are great, and pay is fair since they source your clients for you. You wont be making hundreds of thousands with redfin as an agent but you’ll certainly have a stable income in comparison to real estate in general.

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Why is Redfin bad?

The biggest Redfin con is that agents handle 3x as many customers as traditional realtors. When agents get too busy, they may not be able to give you as much personalized support as you need. This hands-off approach isn’t the best fit for everyone. Learn more about how Redfin compares to traditional realtors.

What is Redfin agent commission?

The total commission is typically 5%–6%, with half paid to the seller’s agent and half to the buyer’s agent, though fees are negotiable. If you are the buyer, you don’t pay commissions, but will pay closing costs. Buyers who work with a Redfin Agent get a refund at closing, which can be applied to closing costs.*

Can you work for Redfin and other broker?

No. We don’t allow agents or brokers to “sub-refer” to other agents. When we refer a client to you, our expectation is that you will be the agent working with that client. To work together with other agents, you can apply to be a Redfin Partner Agent team.

How do I unlock my house on Redfin?

How does it work? Simply open your Redfin app and search for the home’s address. Once you’ve arrived at the home and completed our identity verification process, you can tap the “unlock” button and tour.

How can I see homes on Zillow?

Find a self tour home with the Zillow app by tapping More and Owned by Zillow. When you arrive, tap Self tour on the home’s listing. Tap Unlock in the app to open the door, and enjoy your tour!

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