What is the most visited country in Ireland?

What is Ireland’s number 1 tourist attraction?

Once again the Guinness Storehouse tops the list with over 1.7 million visitors last year. The Cliffs of Moher closely follows in second place with 1.5 million – an increase of over 3% on the previous year and Dublin Zoo holds the 3rd spot with over 1.2million visitors in the same category.

What is the best county to visit in Ireland?

Ireland’s Top Travel Destinations

  • Killarney, Co. Kerry – south west of Ireland.
  • Westport, Co. Mayo – west of Ireland.
  • Valentia Island, Co. Kerry – south west of Ireland.
  • Kinsale, Co. …
  • Dublin City – east of Ireland.
  • Galway City – west of Ireland.
  • Tralee, Co. …
  • Inishowen, Co Donegal – north of Ireland.

What is the most Irish county?

List of Irish counties by population

Rank County Population
1 Dublin 1,345,402
2 Antrim 618,108
3 Cork 542,868
4 Down 531,665

Where do most tourists to Ireland come from?

Most tourists visiting Ireland come from the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany and France.

Why is Ireland so popular?

Ireland is a place to visit not only for its beauty and history, but because of its lively atmosphere. The Irish are known worldwide for their festive celebration and the country hosts many events and festivals along the year. … It is the largest festival of traditional music in Ireland.

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Is Ireland on the green list?

Invalid EmailSomething went wrong, please try again later. With the introduction of the EU Digital Covid Certificate, Irish tourists will be allowed to travel freely within the EU. …

Where in Ireland has the worst weather?

Valentia Island has the highest average temperature, at 10.9 °C. The coldest areas are found inland. Mullingar has the lowest average temperature, at 9.3 °C. The highest temperature ever recorded in Ireland was 33.3 °C at Kilkenny Castle, on 26 June 1887.