Where can Mexican citizens travel without a visa?

Where can a Mexican go without a visa?

Visa free countries

  • Albania. Stay: 90 days. Andorra. Stay: 90 days. Austria. …
  • Antigua and Barbuda. Stay: 1 month. Argentina. Stay: 90 days. Bahamas. …
  • Botswana. Stay: 90 days. Gambia. Stay: N/A. Mauritius. …
  • Fiji. Micronesia. Stay: 30 days. Vanuatu. …
  • Georgia. Indonesia. Israel. Stay: 3 months.

How many countries can you travel to with a Mexican passport?

As of September 2021, a Mexican passport offered access to a total of 114 countries without having to apply for a visa before travelling. Of these, 74 nations did not require a visa at all and 40 requested visas on arrival.

Can a Mexican citizen travel to US without visa?

A visa is required for any Mexican citizen visiting the United States. In addition, an entry permit is required for Mexican visitors traveling beyond the immediate border area. Other nationalities, please visit a U.S. Consulate or Embassy before traveling to the United States.

Can I go to Hawaii with a Mexican passport?

Yes, a valid national passport is an acceptable form of photo ID for domestic travel. There will be no “immigration controls”.

Can I travel to California with a Mexican passport?

Mexican nationals are required to present a valid passport and visa or BCC when traveling to the United States by land. … The BCC holder is allowed to visit border areas of the United States when entering by land or sea, for up to 30 days.

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Can I go to Mexico without a visa?

Visa Not Required for Mexico

Visa-exempt travelers who come to Mexico for tourism or business can stay for a maximum of 180 days without a visa, while travelers who want to transit through the country can stay for a maximum of 30 days visa-free.

Where can the Mexican passport take you?

The Mexican passport is considered the 24th most powerful passport in the world regarding travel freedom, according to the Henley Passport Index. Mexican passport holders are currently able to travel to around 120 states without a visa or with a visa on arrival.

Is Mexico passport visa free to Canada?

The citizens of Mexico, together with other 57 nationalities, are not required to get a visa when they travel to Canada for short visits. Instead, as a Mexican, you must apply for a Canada ETA to be able to board your flight.

Can I go to Puerto Rico with a Mexican passport?

Puerto Rico is open for travel. Most visitors from Mexico can travel to Puerto Rico without restrictions. No quarantine is required. Find travel restrictions, quarantine and entry requirements to travel Puerto Rico.

Can I fly with my Mexican passport 2021?

Yes, you can.