Which force is attractive as well as repulsive force?

Which forces can be attractive as well as repulsive?

A: Gravitational force is always attractive but electromagnetic force can be attractive or repulsive: <br> R : Mass comes only in one variety (there is no negative mass) but charge comes in two varieties.

Is gravitational force attractive as well as repulsive?

We know that the gravitational force is defined as the multiplication of the gravitational constant along with the masses of the objects and then divided by the square of the distance between the objects. … Hence, the nature of the gravitational force will always be attractive and not repulsive.

Are intermolecular forces attractive or repulsive?

Intermolecular forces are repulsive at short distances and attractive at long distances (see the Lennard-Jones potential). In a gas, the repulsive force chiefly has the effect of keeping two molecules from occupying the same volume.

Is gravitational force attractive or repulsive class 9?

We all know that all the forces in nature exist in opposites, but gravitational force is the only force that always attracts every object and never reples any.

Why is gravitational force repulsive?

It is shown that reduction of the gravitational mass of the system due to emitting gravitational waves leads to a repulsive gravitational force that diminishes with time but never disappears. This repulsive force may be related to the observed expansion of the Universe.

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Is gravity a repulsive force?

The tension does not pull things together because it is equal on the opposite sides of any given region and so as a force in its own right it cancels out. However the contribution to gravity associated with it does not cancel out, and is always repulsive.

What is the repulsive force in the nucleus?

The electromagnetic repulsion takes place within the nucleus between like electric charges. These charges are carried by the protons, whose close proximity to each other intensifies this repulsive force.

Is weak force repulsive or attractive?

The weak nuclear force is neither attractive or repulsive.