Why do so many tourists visit Greece?

What makes Greece special?

Greece is mostly known for its collection of islands, beaches and complex ancient temples. A country of long impressive history & tradition, the birthplace of several mathematicians, artists & philosophers and the cradle of democracy.

What country visits Greece the most?

Overall, Germany ranked as the leading tourist market for Greece with approximately 1.5 million tourists visiting the country in 2020. However, roughly four million German tourists traveled to Greece in 2019. The UK, France, and Italy were other leading inbound travel markets in both 2019 and 2020.

Why would you travel to Greece?

Beautiful places, hospitable people, stunning beaches, fantastic weather, unique flavors… there are a million reasons to visit Greece. The cradle of Western civilization is a wonderful destination all year round.

Is Greece good for tourists?

Granted, the best way to stay safe is to limit traveling as much as possible. … However, we are lucky to live in Athens, close to some of the world’s nicest beaches and islands. Greece is one of the safest places to be right now.

How many tourists visit Greece?

Approximately 34.2 million arrivals were recorded at travel accommodation in Greece in 2019.

Number of arrivals in tourist accommodation in Greece from 2006 to 2019 (in millions)

Characteristic Number of arrivals in millions
2019 34.2
2018 28.7
2017 26.1
2016 25
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