How did Muni understand that the foreigner was talking about the horse?

Why did Muni begin to talk about the horse enthusiastically?

(iv) Muni began to talk about the horse enthusiastically, because he felt relieved that the American was not there to arrest him, but to talk about the horse statue.

How did the foreigner praise the horse by calling it?

In the short story “A Horse and Two Goats” by R. K. Narayan, a majestic statue of a rearing horse and a great warrior guard the boundaries of the South Indian village of Kritam. … He praises the horse by calling it marvellous many times.

Did Muni say about the horse?

Answer: muni interprets the statue: ” this is our guardian…….at the end of kali yuga, this world and all other worlds will be destroyed, and the Redeemer will come in the shape of a horse. ” Hope it helps!

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How does Muni describe the horse?

Muni describes the horse as a warrior. The horse symbolises salvation for the people of a village [Kritam] during a calamity.

When did Muni realize that the foreigner was talking about the horse why did he feel relieved?

Answer: Muni began to talk about the horse enthusiastically because he understood the subject matter and, feeling relieved that the theme of the mutilated body has been abandoned at least for the time being.

What made the foreigner believe that Muni was the owner of the horse?

Ans. The American offered Muni a hundred rupees thinking he is the owner of the horse statue. Seeing the hundred-rupee note, Muni thought that the American was in need of change. So, he guided the foreigner to go to the headman of the village who was a moneylender.

What did the foreigner tell Muni to do when Muni referred to the tenth avatar?

He assured him that the horse had the perfect place in his house and that he would have too remove the bookcase to make place for the horse. klondikegj and 32 more users found this answer helpful.

What reply did the foreigner give to Muni when he was telling him about the pundit’s view about the horse?

Answer: The foreigner told him not to waste his breath in sales drive and that he liked the article and was buying it. Answer: The foreigner tod him not to waste his breath in sales drive and that he liked the article and was buying it.

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How old Muni actually was?

Muni was actually 70 years old. He told the shopkeeper that he was only 50 as he counted his age from the great famine that once took place in his village.

Who was the foreigner What did the foreigners say looking at the clay horse?

Answer: The foreigner was a tourist/traveller whose car stopped at Kritam as his vehicle was ran out of gas. He lookedup qt clay horse and cried ‘Marvellous‘…

What does it reflect on the issue of language between Muni and the foreigner?

The foreigner thought that Muni was replying his questions in his own language and Muni thought that the man was in line with what he was saying. And this created a lot of humour. Moreover the language difference plays a great role in drawing out the real characters of the two major figures in the story.

What has the foreigner just said about Tamil and muni sales talk?

What has the foreigner just said about Tamil and Muni’s sales talk? The foreigner said that Tamil to him ‘sounds wonderful’ and he got a kick out of every word Muni uttered.