Quick Answer: Are tourists welcome in Hawaii?

Is Hawaii open to visitors?

For the safety and well-being of both residents and guests, the State of Hawaii has developed the Safe Travel Hawaii program to welcome visitors to the state while still preventing the spread of COVID-19 to our islands.

How do Hawaiians feel about tourists during Covid?

More on the COVID-19 pandemic. “We are strongly advising visitors that now is not the right time to travel,” John De Fries, president and CEO of the Hawaii Tourism Authority, said in a news release on the same day as Ige’s message.

Do you have to wear a mask in Hawaii?

You should wear a mask whenever you’re indoors, especially near people who don’t live with you. Some examples of when you need to wear your mask: Shopping or running errands indoors. Indoors at work, when near others or moving through common areas.

Do Hawaiians hate tourists?

Compounded together, it makes sense that attitudes toward tourism have become more and more negative, hence the calls for a decrease in travel. According to the 2021 Hawaii Tourism Authority’s Resident Sentiment Survey, only 53 percent of Hawaiians feel that tourism has been more beneficial than harmful.

What percentage of Hawaii is vaccinated?

Compare states’ vaccination progress or select a state to see detailed information

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HI 79% 75%
ID 49% 69%
IL 66% 83%
IN 54% 78%

Does Hawaii require Covid test?

Non-U.S. citizen traveling directly to Hawaii must present BOTH a vaccination record AND a negative COVID-19 test result (NAAT or antigen) within three days of boarding a flight to the U.S. … To avoid quarantine, upload proof of vaccination or have a negative result from a Trusted Testing Partner .

Do you have to wear masks on beach in Hawaii?

Do I have to wear a face covering in the park or at the beach? No, you are not required to wear a mask outdoors.