Quick Answer: Can friends travel in private cars India?

Who can travel in a private vehicle in India?

Those who have to take out the vehicles for a medical emergency or procurement of essential commodities can accommodate one person besides the driver in the back seat of the car. In case of a two-wheeler, only the one who is riding it will be allowed. All those who fall in the exempted category are allowed to travel.

Can relatives travel in private car?

The Karnataka government has urged people to avoid unnecessary travel through private vehicles. However, the guidelines clarify that there is no restriction on inter-state or intra-state movement of people and goods. No separate permission or passes are required for that.

Can I travel from Mumbai to Pune without E pass?

A: Pune police commissioner Amitabh Gupta says there is no restriction on travelling within Maharashtra. A: Police commissioner Amitabh Gupta says no e-pass and RT-PCR negative test report is required if you want to travel to Lonavla from Pune.

Can 2 person in a car during MCO?

A maximum of three persons including the driver in a private vehicle is allowed to travel for healthcare, medical, or vaccination purposes. – Only two persons including the driver are allowed in a taxi or e-hailing vehicle.

Are vehicles allowed in Bangalore?

Lockdown in Karnataka: People can go on vehicles to buy essentials in Karnataka; DG-IGP | Bengaluru News – Times of India.

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Is travelling to Pune allowed?

Inter-district travel is allowed. However, if you are moving through or passing a level 5 district, an e-pass is required. Local trains and buses are also regularly functioning in level 1 cities.

Is Pune a country?


Pune The Queen of Deccan
Country India
State Maharashtra
District Pune
Established 17th Century

Can we travel Mumbai to Pune in lockdown?

Travel is now virtually unrestricted across the state. You will need an e-pass only if you are travelling to a Level 4 or Level 5 district. (You can apply for an e-pass here.)