Why did Michael Jackson tour again?

Why did Michael Jackson want to do the This Is It tour?

“From the very, very start, when Michael called me, he said to me, ‘Kenny, this is it’. … Ortega also revealed that Jackson wanted to do the tour for his “loyal” fans, as well as using the stage as a “platform to remind the world” of the “vulnerability of the planet”.

Was Michael Jackson forced to do the This Is It tour?

The concerts were canceled following Jackson’s death on June 25, 2009. Jackson announced This Is It at a press conference in the O2 Arena, and said it would be his final series of concerts in London.

This Is It (concert residency)

Legs 2
No. of shows 50 (all cancelled)
Website Official website
Michael Jackson concert chronology

Did Michael Jackson want to do 50 shows?

AEG Live CEO Randy Phillips told Connelly that Jackson would have averaged two-and-a-quarter shows per week. “If that was too many, then one would have been too many,” he said. In a statement, Phillips said it was Michael Jackson’s idea to up the amount of performances to 50, from the original 31.

Why did Michael Jackson stop touring in the US?

Because he knew he had a strong, rabid overseas fanbase and he might have had problems selling out shows in the U.S due to all the scandals. By touring outside the U.S he could both guarantee sellout shows and not have to face scrutiny from the U.S press.

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Was Michael Jackson’s brother his backup singer?

He did contribute backing vocals with Jackie, Tito, Marlon and Jermaine for Michael’s “This Is It”.

Did Michael Jackson hate victory tour?

Michael didn’t want to do the Victory tour. He was pressured into it by his family. Remember at this time he was still living at Encino with his parents and some of his siblings, and they were desperate to cash-in on Michael’s success. Apparently MJ hated every second of that tour.