Your question: How long would it take to travel all 48 states?

How long does it take to travel 50 states?

Now, tank full and fridge stocked, you’re ready to cover some asphalt. Average 55 mph with stops, swap in fresh drivers as necessary, and you’ll traverse every member of the contiguous U.S. in just under 124 hours. To complete the fifty, you’ll need to bag Alaska and Hawaii.

How much would it cost to travel all 48 states?

So with 48 states explored in 62 days and 16,023 miles driven I spent a total of less than $2,900 U.S. dollars. Here is the breakdown…

How many miles is all 48 states?

The algorithm “reached an optimized solution that makes a complete trip to all of the U.S. state capitols in only 13,310 miles (21,420 km) of driving,” he wrote. That came out to visiting those 48 U.S. state capitols in 8.5 days.

How many days would it take to travel across America?

But just how feasible is the American cross-country trip, and how long will it actually take? Depending on which route you go on, a road trip across the USA will take between four and six days, assuming you’re willing to spend up to eight hours behind the wheel per day.

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What is the shortest route to travel the 48 states?

In 2012, Stephen Von Worley published The Fifty, Swiftly, a Google Maps driving route that covers the continental U.S. in a 6,813 mile drive. The route starts in Maine and ends in Montana, passing through every other state (aside from Alaska and Hawaii, of course) as quickly as he could figure.

Can you do 50 states in 50 days?

The passenger had to fly to or from all 50 states between Oct. … Anyone determined enough (or crazy enough) to actually get to all the 50 states would be given a special gold pass entitling them to unlimited free first-class flying on United anywhere in the United States — including Alaska and Hawaii — for one year.

How long does it take to drive across Russia?

It will take a minimum of 11 days to drive across Russia from Saint Petersburg or Moscow to Vladivostok. The route is about 9,700 km long and the driving time has reduced considerably since the roads have been significantly improved in recent years.

How long would it take to drive across Australia?

These large distances lead to high transportation costs that can make it hard to travel around Australia cheaply, especially if you have a limited amount of time. It takes a good 14 Days to drive the 15,823km circumference of Australia on main Highway 1 (the road that rings the continent/country).

How much money do you need to drive across America?

Our road trip across America cost us $2,382, or an average of $149/day between both of us for a 16-day road trip across the US. It’s more than the $125/day that we planned on for our USA road trip budget, but we’re not kicking ourselves for it.

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How much would it cost to travel to all 50 states?

This means we paid only $3245.62 out of pocket, for our seven month honeymoon, traveling all 50 States. The average cost of a honeymoon is between $4000-$5000 for just one destination. I’d say that’s pretty good.


Transportation $410.50
Groceries $71.18
Eating Out $299.87
Adventures $418.65

Can you drive to Alaska?

There is only one major road that you can take to drive to Alaska and that is the Alaska Highway. Regardless of where you start in the United States or Canada, you will eventually join the Alaska Highway. … The three roads that make up the highway are British Columbia Highway 97, Yukon Highway 1 and Alaska Route 2.

What is the capital city of all 50 states?