Your question: Which is the sure test of magnetism : 1 Attraction 2 Repulsion 3 Polarisation 4 None of these?

Which is the surest test of magnetism attraction or repulsion?

Attraction can be caused either by opposite poles of magnets or between one pole of magnet and an unmagnetised bar of iron whereas repulsion is possible between the two similar poles of magnets. Hence, repulsion is the surest test of magnetism.

Why is repulsion sure tested?

Repulsion is said to be the sure test to find whether an object is charged or not because attraction can occur between an uncharged body and a charged body due to induction of charges from the charged body to the uncharged body. … Hence repulsion is the sure test to find whether an object is charged or not.

Why is repulsion a sure test of electrification?

Repulsion is considered as the true test of electrification. This is because repulsion is observed only when two bodies have like charges and this means that the bodies must be charged. Hence, repulsion is a true test of electrification.

What is the surer test of magnetism Class 10?

What is the surer test of magnetism? Repulsion is the surer test of magnetism.

Which of the following is not a magnetic material?

Cobalt: Cobalt is an important ferromagnetic metal. Cobalt can be used to produce soft as well as hard magnets. Thus, we can say from this information that copper is not a magnetic material. Hence, option B is the right answer.

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Which of the following is not the property of magnetic lines of force?

Answer: B. Magnetic field lines intersect with each other. Because if they intersect, the compass needle will point at two different directions which is not possible.

How do you test magnetic flux?

The test procedure is simple:

A magnet is placed mid-space inside the coils and is pulled out so that the lines of flux from the magnet perpendicularly cross through the plane of one coil. The connected Fluxmeter (figure 1) will measure the induced voltage and provide data in mVs, Webers, or Maxwells.

How can you test the effectiveness of a magnet?

Magnets come in many strengths, and you can use a ​gauss meter​ to determine the strength of a magnet. You can measure the magnetic field in teslas or the magnetic flux in webers or Teslas • m2 (“tesla square meters”).